Sunday, May 19, 2013

19 May 2013 Nader Day

19 May  2013
It’s a new day here in Hays, Kansas.  After a pep-talk from our 1/C Midshipmen to their teams’, morale is up and, according to the models, this could be the best weather SWIFT 2013 has seen thus far.  Beginning of the day our target area is Wichita, Kansas.  After our morning weather brief, the van getting packed, some handy man work, and a continental breakfast, the team is flying down the highway jamming to our favorite tunes. The plains are beautiful this morning.

                After a quick lunch stop at Taco Bell and a gas station in Hayesville, KS we are back on the road chasing them naders. We are en route to Winfield which is our new target area in hopes of seeing the coveted nader. Nader being Tornado.
After entering chase mode and chasing for almost two hours we finally saw a Tornado touch down 10 miles northwest of South Haven.  Morale was high that our chase had finally paid off and everyone was in the mood to go for gold so we continue our chase. After following the storm south and counting on tail end Charlie, the team continues to hope for a two-in-one day.
Photo: Tornado #2, 10 miles NW of South Haven, Kansas
Our Nader From 19 May 2013

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