Sunday, May 12, 2013

Adventures of SWIFT Day 2

Adventures of SWIFT day two started out with quite a ride from Lexington, Kentucky to O'Fallon, Illinois.  The Logistics team planned a nice quick pizza stop at Schiappa's (home of the 40" pizza).  The team rolled up to Schiappa's and found the door was locked to the restaurant.  A confused owner opened up and questioningly asked if we needed help.  We politely informed her that we had called ahead and ordered a 36" pizza for our party of twelve.  She informed us that she does not open shop until 4pm and we had called the Schiappa's down the road.  The team moved on and found the other Schiappa's about 5 minutes away.  The second so called "Schiappa's" had another locked door with a note saying they moved their location down the road.  The very confused SWIFT team then jumped back in the van and realized that the third time is always a charm.  

Thankfully there was only one Scott Air Force Base in O'Fallon located just down the road from the 3rd Shiappa's.  The SWIFT Team talked to the 15th Operational Weather Squadron and even watched some of the squadron in action on the forecasting floor.  Members of the team talked to forecasters and floor operators about their specific jobs and even about possible weather around the country.

Next on the list for the SWIFT Team was crossing the Mississippi!  The logistics team planned a route to the St. Louis Arch for some good photo opportunities and funny moments.  The team officially passed through the gateway to the west!

Now officially in the West, the team was welcomed into the Silberberg home for an amazing St. Louis dinner and desert.  The family helped the team feel at home and happy, despite being past the Mississippi.  Thank you Silberberg family!

The team finally rolled into the Comfort "Suites" in Rolla, Missouri.  The packed day of traveling proved some good memories and learning opportunities even though the mild weather did not provide any excitement.    The end of day two only made the team excited for day 3!  Stay tuned!

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