Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Although we didn’t end up doing any core-punching today, it turned out to be the most exciting day yet. We did, after all, end up seeing our first tornado ever! We were kind of hoping for something a little more powerful and possibly a little more destructive (I’m talking trees and cows flyin’ through the air), but ultimately today could not have gone better. Logistics team started strong with key power players Anthony Borrego and Savannah Stafford establishing an initial plan that allowed us to enjoy the beautiful Lake Arrowhead State Park before heading north to find some tornadoes. Sierra Parks and Kota Raymond, after running into some cell coverage issues, were able to book a solid place to call it a night, while JD held the team morale together with constant direction and distance update. The weather team’s hot seater, Hank Leslie, also made his debut today pointing out critical areas of interest for us to pursue. Ian Lowery provided the weather team with timely updates and persistent updates on areas of precipitation and storm warnings. Jackie Chimiak, Kate South, and Brian McGrath also assisted with the weather team’s success providing Hank with stress relief and comfort to keep him from losing control, as well as SPC and HRRR updates. Dr. Barrett and LCDR Woods delivered yet another stellar performance with approaching-professional driving skills, and PhD level knowledge of everything meteorology. 
Photo: Tornado!! 5 N of Decatur TX at 7:35 pm 15 May 2013

Photo: Officially in storm mode! Tornado threats, some ACDC, and good healthy competition. Hang onto your hail helmets, usnaSWIFT is live in North Texas!
                Team SWIFT would like to make a special shout out to Roy Borrego for his amazing support and special interest. Sir, if we could have you out here on the team with us we absolutely would. We greatly appreciate your exceedingly above average passion for SWIFT’s Facebook page and making incredibly supportive comments that keep our spirits high and Anthony’s embarrassment to a maximum. Without you we wouldn’t have perfect songs like Thunderstruck to play on repeat. We appreciate your service, sir.
                We ended up finishing the day with a great steak from Cow Camp Steakhouse. Short and sweet: Today is gettin’ chalked up in the win column without a doubt.
SWIFT out…

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  1. I am honored and glad that the day went so well. Keep it up!