Friday, May 17, 2013

Cornhuskers and Cows: Give Me Nebraska

Today was another difficult forecasting day. After a longer than usual brief, the SWIFT team departed from North Platte, Nebraska. Several times throughout the trip, the target city was changed. Eventually the team decided to go to Valentine, Nebraska. On the way, the team passed a whole lot of cows, fields, open sky, and a mighty beautiful lake. 

The team made it to Valentine, Nebraska where they set up for several hours to watch storm progression. In between storms, the team made some equine friends and were entertained by tumble weeds.
One storm dissipated but another two formed into beautiful storms. Hank Leslie did the cubic shuffle as his rain dance, but other parameters didn't pull through for tornadoes. However, the team did observe a bow echo, which is a storm that resembles the shape of a bow. Several funnel clouds attempted to form but also dissipated. After photographing the storm, the team departed to eat at Frosty's in Valentine. The team met a Malamute dog and some nice Nebraskans. The team is currently en route to North Platte to set up for a hopefully big day tomorrow.

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  1. Great pic...seems as if all the right parameters are building for the weekend. Anthony is a horse expert by the way.