Saturday, May 4, 2013


      Hey everyone! My name is Hank and I am from a small town called Portsmouth in southern Ohio. I grew up in the country spending most of my time outdoors and playing any sport I could get my hands on. My whole childhood I was interested in how tornadoes, hurricanes, and other forms of severe weather formed in nature and strongly considered becoming a meteorologist, as a career choice. Before coming to the Naval Academy, I chose to accept a scholarship from Shawnee State University to play basketball and studied there for a year. Fortunately, the following year I got recruited to come high jump for the Navy track team and was offered an appointment. After talking to some of my friends already in the Oceanography major, I realized it was the perfect major to pursue my interest in weather and moved into it. And let's face it, no other major can top an internship where you get to chase tornadoes!
        We are now less than a week from beginning SWIFT and I can't express how excited I'm getting (Unfortunately I still have keep some attention toward finals...). Ready to start getting to work and chasing storms!

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