Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hello everyone!
I’m Savannah Stafford and I am a sophomore at the Naval Academy. I chose to major in oceanography with a minor in Russian language. I was born and raised in south Mississippi, about 25 minutes from the Gulf Coast. Since about 7th grade, I knew that I wanted to be in the military. My first flight was on a B-24, a World War II bomber. That flight cemented my love for flying! My hobbies include horseback riding, pick-up soccer, reading, hanging out with friends, laughing, being with family, and occasional kayaking. 
Due to my close proximity to the Gulf Coast, I developed an interest in severe weather at a young age. I have lived through multiple hurricanes and tropical storms. The power of these storms does not cease to amaze me! I am very excited to be on the SWIFT team and study severe weather unfamiliar to me – tornadoes. I am ready to learn outside of the classroom in real-time and am thrilled to gain in-field experience! Only five days left now (3 exams to go) and I could not be more excited to start the chase!

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