Saturday, May 4, 2013

Intro Blog! Kaitlyn South

Hey everyone! I’m Kaitlyn South, a youngster here at the Naval Academy (very soon to be second class!). Prior to coming to the Naval Academy, I attended Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska for two years where I earned an associates degree in Psychology. Unfortunately, the Academy doesn't offer Psychology and, thus, I had to search for a new major. After choosing English (and then going through the long, awful process to un-choose English) I found the only major that has rivaled my love for Psychology: Oceanography.

Through taking Oceanography I and II and Atmospheric Processes, I have established a genuine passion for all things Oceanography. When I found out that we could chase storms as a summer training, I knew that I had chosen the perfect major (after watching Twister, who hasn't wanted to chase storms?!) In my interview for SWIFT, I asked “So….is this, like, dangerous?” A resounding “yes!” let me know (a) it was a silly question (b) this is the coolest internship available at the Academy and (c) my mother wouldn't necessarily approve. Of course, I was then quickly reassured that all safety precautions are taken, but storm chasing still comes with its risks! I absolutely cannot wait to embark on this journey of learning, forecasting, and chasing. It’s hard to focus on finals when SWIFT is less than seven days away. 

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  1. Hi,I'm Katie Sullivan.I am 10 and have been following your adventures. I have been watching your videos and my favorite one is where "Bill" is strapped to the front of the car!! It made me laugh. I have a friend who does Irish dance, which I presume you do. My dad used to work on subs as a sonar technician. He now teaches physics at the Naval Academy.