Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LAST CHASE DAY: Touring Texas

May 21, 2013 blog
We began our adventure in Gainesville, Texas at the Comfort Inn.  After a splendid breakfast and beautiful weather brief we hit the dusty trail through the Texan terrain.  The cold front moving air over Texas showed promise of squall line thunderstorms.  We set out for the southern end of the storms, traveling further and further away from home (aka mother B).  We tested the vans limits today by holding off on gas for as long as possible to try and catch our storms.  We enjoyed a quick lunch at the local gas station and hopped right back in the van.  After a short 4 and a half hour drive we quickly saw the possibility of tornadoes quickly diminish.  We stopped again at a gas station to empty our bladders and test our luck.  We each got a $1 scratch away lotto ticket and hot hands Jackie Chimiak won $17! We couldn’t live with the regret of not pushing our luck so Brian went in to get more tickets.  Jackie won again with a $5 ticket!  However our fearless firstie blew it with both the $10 scratch away ticket.  Next our radars lead us to a new location; being the only storm in 100 miles naturally we follow it. 
                The storm had close to 0% chance of producing a tornado very early, but that did not stop team SWIFT! We followed the storm for a few more hours before it was decided to give up on it and head home.  Home for this night was Texarkana, TX.  We stopped for dinner at another gas station, but it had decent BBQ.  The SWIFT van then got to travel through the busy streets of Dallas… without any traffic! Five hours later we managed to arrive at our Hampton Inn hotel, ending our final chase day. 
                The last chase day was definitely anticlimactic for Command SWIFT.  It was one of those days where we spent about 13 hours in the van to end up only 2 hours to the east of where we started.  But those status clouds sure did look grey!  Regardless of frustration, just being in the van with this team was worth it.  Personally feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity on this internship.  Not to mention how great it was bonding with the other mids on this team.  In reality it has only been 11 days since the beginning of SWIFT, but I feel like we have been together for months.  Trying to think back to the first day seems like a lifetime ago.  I am so lucky to get to spend time and get to know these mids more.  They have helped me learn so much about the atmosphere that surrounds us.  More importantly they have been a blast to be around!  I am excited for the journey home and the future adventures that await us.  I know I will miss everyone; luckily we won’t be apart for too long!
Thanks for everything team SWIFT!
-2/C Parks

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