Monday, May 6, 2013

Sierra Parks :D

Hello all, 
I am Sierra Parks and another youngster pumped about SWIFT!  I was born in Hawaii and moved around a lot growing up.  I have lived in Hawaii (twice), Sicily, D.C., Norfolk, and most recently Ohio.  My Father was Navy enlisted and once he retired we settled in Lisbon, Ohio, which is an hour west of Pittsburgh.  I was blessed and got into the Naval Academy straight out of high school.  Some of the best decisions I have made with my time here at the Academy has been walking onto the Navy Women’s Track team (I am a multi eventer) and becoming an Oceanography major!  

My love for weather blossomed as my father taught me how to fly trying to gain hours for my private pilot’s license, which I am only four hours away!  One particular journey we flew through a developing storm, which was both terrifying and breath-taking.  I was amazed to see the atmosphere produce massive clouds almost out of nowhere.  Ever since that summer I had my heart set on learning more about the weather.  SWIFT will be an amazing opportunity to view storms from the ground, and now I will finally understand the mechanics behind a super-cell convective storm!  I couldn’t think of a better internship to be a part of! Only a few short days now!

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  1. HI, I'm Katie Sullivan,and my dad was Navy enlisted as well. He's Michael Sullivan and he teaches physics at the Academy. My dad used to live in Pittsburgh also,so we support the Steelers. I an=m 10 years old and my brother and I are following your SWIFT adventures. Stay safe : )