Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SWIFT Coming to a Close...Sadly    
          After finishing up SWIFT I would have to say I had quite a positive experience. I learned much more about severe weather, planning, and developed many new close relationships. My new friends and I created countless memories, both good and bad (but mostly good), as we worked together to predict storms and find places to stay each night. Of course we ran into many challenges and frustrations along the way, but were always able to solve them and laugh about it afterwards.
                As SWIFT winds down I’ve come to realize I’m most proud with our group’s ability to maintain a positive morale. We had very little, if any, dissent within the group. We faced all problems with a good attitude and assisted others when they needed help. Being so close to one another in the van so often really helped to break down any barriers between us and become more comfortable allowing us to create close friendships. While part of me is anxious to return home for the summer another part of me wishes SWIFT would continue because we’re having so much fun.
                However, SWIFT has not been entirely fun and games. There were quite a few instances in which all of us were unhappy, but at least we were all in the same boat. On some chase days we were quite doubtful we would see any tornadoes, but continued to chase when we all just wanted to call it a day. On days like these we all found ourselves making jokes and finding ways to create a fun and entertaining environment.
                In short, SWIFT was a great experience that I would certainly do again, but it would have to be with the same people.I'm so happy with the friendships I've developed that I couldn't even begin to compare this year's SWIFT experience with another group 

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