Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The adventures of the SWIFT team did not simply end after our stay at the adult Disney World
that is Captain Burnett’s house.  We drove for roughly two hours to cross the Oklahoma state line to
arrive at the Craig’s resident in Tulsa. We had an excellent dinner Sunday evening at the Craig’s home
who were kind enough to invite us for dinner on Mother’s Day!  They cooked us an authentic Tulsa BBQ
meal, which was delicious!  After dinner we headed to Broken Arrow, OK to spend the night at another
Embassy Suit…we are spoiled!
After a night of team bonding in the hot tub and hangin’ in the luxurious Embassy Suite, the
SWIFT team woke early to shape the minds of the youth.   We broke up into three groups to tackle
grades 7-12 at the Union education system in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. The kids were a blast; it was
awesome to get to lead STEM activities to groups of kids who are on the track for success!

After STEM activities, we visited Boom-A-Rang Diner in Chandler, Oklahoma. We all had a taste
of fried pickles with ranch, delicious burgers, and fried catfish. Talk about yummy!
From there we headed to Norman and toured the Radar Observation Center. We climbed to the
top of the radar tower. Some faired the heights better than others! Then we visited the north side of Oklahoma University and toured the National Weather Center. We saw some tricked out storm chasing
vans… Ideas are definitely brewing for next year.

After the tours, we went to Professor Barrett’s old stomping ground, The Mont. We had
delicious food and great company, the best formula for a great dinner! Now we are on the road again, let’s go storm chasing!
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