Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Chronicles of SWIFT Day 3

       Our morning kicked off at the Comfort Suites in Rolla, Missouri. After a powerful weather brief led by 2/C Raymond, our logistics team, lead by 2/C McGrath, got us underway to starting a very eventful day. We drove for about 4 hours until we reached retired Captain Burnett at his home in Ritchey, Missouri. His hospitality was above and beyond any of our groups wildest expectations. Each midshipman had the opportunity to fly in CAPT Burnett's personal airplane and even take the stick! (And get a quick PT session in, of course)

Furthermore, we drove his personal fire trucks, go carts, and golf carts around the property causing a ton of havoc and fun! There was a beautiful creek running by an old mill that we were able to kayak and enjoy. CAPT Burnett provided a delicious cookout of burgers and dogs along with some very delicious cake for desert. The SWIFT team's reaction to the "Burnett Experience" was comparable to a child's first time at Disney World as we were all in amazement at everything CAPT Burnett's home had to offer.

Finally, we departed from CAPT Burnett's to set off for our night's stay in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We had the opportunity to pass through Joplin, Missouri and assess the extent of the damage that still remains from the F-5 tornado that struck the city in 2011. Fortunately, the city has made an amazing recovery from the immense damage that resulted from the tornado. Finally, the SWIFT team would like to wish a special Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Great pictures and a great way to spend a Sunday...The video of Anthony driving the fire truck was priceless. Like a little kid at Disney is the correct analogy.