Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day six debrief

We are almost half way through SWIFT and already we have seen multiple tornadoes, been through 10 states, and even been ahead of the SPC predictions! Today was a great day for learning as we had the opportunity to choose a destination and watch the storms form from birth.  While we didn't get to see a tornado, one of the storms that we had our eye on did produce one! It is a testament to the ability of our leaders and of the new-found knowledge of the group that we were able to estimate that a storm would be likely to produce tornadoes even before SPC included the areas in their risk zone. We had a great stop in Jayton, TX where the only gas pump was a co-op, and the cafĂ© was big enough for the whole town and almost big enough for the SWIFT crew! 
We did a little bit of back tracking but ultimately got to experience first-hand the strength of the storm when driving through it! We took many stops along the beautiful Texas roads and watched as storm systems transformed from individual blips, to mature storms, and sometimes into large squall lines. 

We started in Childress, TX and after a trip down south and then back up again, we are in Woodward, OK!  We are staying the night here and recuperating before our travel day tomorrow to Nebraska where we will be positioned for possible storm outbreaks on Friday!!

The group is excited for the upcoming adventures and energized by all of our exciting experiences so far! We’ll keep you updated on the journey to come! 

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