Sunday, May 10, 2015


Our day in OK went more than O.K., with some fun stops in Osage and Bartlesville to watch an incoming storm front it was definitely a success.  

All in all, SWIFT is right on track for where we hoped to be! Our goal for the day was to keep an eye on some of the potentially tornado producing storms, while observing the development of the squall line and subsequent rain storms.  We found some great places to pull over and really see the organization and features of these clouds, and have some fun with the out-of-van down time.

  We will be pulling into Tulsa shortly where we will have the opportunity to share our oceanographic and meteorological knowledge with a couple elementary schools.  Through the STEM program at the academy, we have some really exciting tools and activities that demonstrate some of the basic properties of wind, motion, and electricity.  This is going to be a completely midshipman run evolution, so we are all excited to get our feet wet taking the lead and teaching what we've been learning back in school! 
Thanks for all the love and support from our followers!! Especially all those Mothers!! WE LOVE YOU <3

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