Thursday, May 7, 2015

Introducing Ashley

I am very excited to take off for SWIFT on Friday morning! I love adventure and nature, so any
opportunity I have to learn more about it I am eager to take. I love running, hiking and being
outdoors. I played Varsity lacrosse for Navy last year, but I am currently on the Navy’s
Marathon Team. I was about ten minutes from qualifying for the Boston Marathon in my first
marathon, which was the weekend right after Spring Break. My goal is to qualify for Boston next
semester. I am an Oceanography major, and I absolutely love it. I am very grateful and eager to
begin the honors’ program next year with Professor Henderson. I was inspired to do
Oceanography from my brother, MIDN 1/C Kevin Lois. He loves the major, the professors, and
the internships. By the time we arrive back on the yard on May 22, I am hoping to have a much
better understanding of the details concerning tornado formation and what certain conditions
promote the most intense or weakest storms. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to learn to
work in tight spaces for hours on end and how to cope with fatigue and crowds simultaneously. I
hope to take teamwork to a whole new level given the conditions we will be in and to see what
works and what does not. It will be interesting to see how the team will come to conclusions
collectively and how we will solve differing opinions when determining tornado locations. I am
prepared to have a good time, but more importantly, to work hard and exercise my leadership
skills.  I am very thankful for being chosen to attend SWIFT, and I will embrace every moment.

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