Friday, May 13, 2016

Introducing Casey

Hey everyone! I'm 2/C Casey Densmore and I am from Inwood, West Virginia. When I was little, my family helped me get over my fear of thunderstorms by having "thunder picnics" with my favorite snacks when storms were approaching. This transformed my fear of thunder into a love of severe weather. When I was five, I got a VHS copy of the movie Twister in my Easter basket, kicking off my interest in tornadoes.

Growing up, I found I enjoyed thunderstorms with lightning and downpours more than sunny days. I would check the radar on hot summer afternoons, watching for thunderstorms to pop up. I pursued these interests in high school with multiple science fair projects on tornado physics, sparking my interest in a career in meteorology.

When I came to USNA, Oceanography was the obvious choice for my major. I was ecstatic when I found out there was an internship to go tornado chasing in May each year. I am bringing a cheap go pro as well, so I'm hoping to get some awesome video, I'm looking forward to spotting tornadoes and other severe weather, as well as gaining valuable meteorology experience for the future.

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