Friday, May 13, 2016

Introducing Kellyanne

Hi everyone! I am Midshipman 2/C Kellyanne Hurst and I am from Plant City, Florida. As a golfer, I spend almost all of my free time outdoors which gives me a huge appreciation for the weather. Golfing during Florida summers meant I had to pay attention to the weather in order to dodge lightning bolts on more than one occasion. I also enjoyed tracking hurricanes when I was younger to try to predict when we would get a "hurricane day" to miss school.

I have always been passionate about the ocean and weather, which is why I chose to be an Oceanography major at the Academy. When I found out about SWIFT I knew it would be an awesome opportunity to experience another weather phenomenon I have never seen before. I am excited to travel to new states with new friends and get into chase mode to find some tornadoes!

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  1. Rockin' the hip waders,ladies! Stay safe!

    -Prof. Steppe