Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Introducing Rachel

Hey y'all!

I'm 2/C Rachel Boushon, and I'm absolutely over the moon about getting to do SWIFT this summer. Ever since I could talk, I've been obsessed with the severe weather that I saw rolling through my neck of the woods (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). In fact, when I was little and a blizzard was raging outside, I squished my face to the window and said one of my first coherent sentences: "mama, look at the big bad 'bizzard'!" By fourth grade, I had developed a special interest in tornadoes; I even gave a voluntary presentation on mesocyclones to my class. They weren't very amused, but I thought it was a ton of fun.

Now that I'm older, I try to follow the weather models whenever I can and predict where severe weather will be happening that week. Also, Storm Chasers is my favorite show on Netflix (no surprise there). We don't get very many tornadoes where I'm from, so this is honestly a dream come true to be going chasing in Tornado Alley. I can't wait to see some killer wall clouds, intense lightning, and some gorgeous tornadoes. 

Overall, I just want to see some amazing weather and have fun with these great people that I've been blessed to go chasing with. I've been told that we'll get to go hiking, and I can't wait for that. Also, I randomly found a kite in my room, so I'm definitely gonna be flying it at some point.. I think the wind will be strong enough for it. Haha.

P.S. I am bringing my little knockoff GoPro along for the ride, so it will be my mission to get you all some spine-tingling weather videos over the next two weeks. :)

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