Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday's Chase

Saturday was our first "classic" chase day, in that we were able to position ourselves when the storm started rather than trying to play catch-up the whole day. We spent the day watching the radar and clouds near the town of Sublette, KS in order to decide where we would head to have our best chance of seeing some serious storm development. With those mid-day observations we chose to drive towards city of Marienthal, KS and stationed ourselves in a farm field near some fellow chasers. Around 7pm we were able to watch a beautiful supercell develop in the distance. It continued to grow as we watched, and several tornadoes were reported by other chasers to the west of the storm. At one point, we saw what appeared to be a short-lived tornado, but not everyone agrees that it was actually a tornado! The rain that was present from the storm cleared up just in time for sunset, yielding some amazing photos and panoramas. 

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