Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Closing thoughts by Greg

With our final chase day behind us, we have begun to inch ourselves closer to Annapolis every day. Today we are visiting the Dallas/Fort Worth and paying a visit to International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. Throughout the two weeks of SWIFT I have gained an increased respect for the power and aesthetic brilliance of severe weather. We were fortunate enough to see 5(some say 6) tornadoes over our 7 chase days. We all learned a lot and made a few friends along the way. Whether we were running from hail cores or fleeing the wrath of Sheila, we all had smiles on our faces and generally positive attitudes! After many days of postponing our Twister/watermelon party we are excited to be able to critique the film with actual scientific knowledge.
Overall SWIFT 2017 was a success and I truly enjoyed opportunity to experience severe weather up close!

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