Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Closing Thoughts by Keely

SWIFT was an absolute blast! From escaping hail to watching a tornado lazily spin through an open field, the entire experience was invaluable. Pictures in a classroom can only teach you so much, and being able to get out into the middle of all of it is unmatched. I got to see much of the dry desert I'm accustomed to in a new light (usually the unnatural green light of a supercell) and explore some of the landscape I never knew was right at on my doorstep. Having never really been on any sort of family roadtrip, the entire program was a new experience for me. The beauty of a supercell cannot be captured in a picture; the life cycle from a small cumulonimbus to a rotating mass took my breath away. The hours driving were long and the time for sleep was short, but I wouldn't have expected anything less.

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