Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday in Review

We started off our day at the Owasso 8th Grade Center, where we had the amazing opportunity to help teach STEM based middle school kids lessons on meteorology and the Naval Academy. We hope to have inspired some students to continue to work hard in school, in order to pursue higher education in the future, possibly even at a Military Academy! After a fun morning at the school, we quickly hit the road to start our first day of chasing. The weather forecast in the morning predicted some severe weather starting in the afternoon located at the panhandle of Texas, so we had a long drive ahead of us. In order to save time and get to the storms sooner, we made delicious PB&J sandwiches on the road, allowing us to arrive in Memphis, Texas just in time. Once there, we ended up following three different supercells all the way from Memphis to Borger. The supercells were almost picture perfect representations of  what we have been learning about, so it was really neat to see everything from the storm split to the hook echo in action. Wind shear and rotation was present, however the lack of moisture prevented any tornados from forming. We drove through a brief moment of hail, but made it out quickly with an undamaged van. After a long day of learning and chasing, we are now on our way to Norman, Oklahoma to get ready for another very promising day of chasing tomorrow!

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