Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday in Review

Swift had an early start this morning so we could get on the road to Black Mesa Oklahoma. After a short ride and a quick stop at Walmart, we arrived at Black Mesa, the highest point in the state of Oklahoma. We hiked 4 miles to the top, where we had a picnic lunch while enjoying the beautiful weather. From the top, we could see the 4 states that border Oklahoma (Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Kansas)! After a failed attempt to walk across the border to New Mexico, we hiked 4 miles back down. While hiking down, we were able to watch the cumulous clouds start to form, indicating that there was potential for some good storms to chase! Immediately after our hike we hoped in the van and started our chase in New Mexico. We were able to see some impressive storms form from their initiation, to their finish. After a lovely dinner at Pizza Hut, we are headed to Texas to spend the night and get ready to start our last day of chasing!

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