Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tuesday in Review

So, the day started out with a little road trip from Pampa, OK to Ozona, TX. This took around six hours, and we ended up arriving around 1:00 pm central time. At this point, storms were already stirring up, and we were preparing the route to take in order to get the best view of the next set of incoming storms. We headed north east to a small town of Big Lake where we saw our first run of heavy rain and wind. We headed back south with short stops in order to observe the incoming weather along the way. The observations took us in a loop back to our initial destination of Ozona, and from there we took off again into the next set of storms.We headed east with the intention of staying in front of the storm but ended up riding the edge of the core for around the 10 miles. With the storm on our heals we had to head south immediately on an unmarked road. With strong winds and rain we took the road all the way until a dead end. At this point the intensity of the storm had past so we headed back to our original route and left for our hotel in Del Rio, TX. On the way to our hotel, a hail core became visible on the radar and, with no alternate route, had to let the hail around the size of a quarter pass over us. Once this last chunk of bad weather passed, we were on our way to our hotel with a stop for food to end the busy day.

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