Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day seven recap

The SWIFT team had some great adventures during our travels from Woodward, OK up north to Nebraska. We knew we had over 8 hours of travel ahead of us so we decided to make it an early start and make some fun stops along the way.  The first stop was in Garden City, KS for lunch at the Traditions Soda and Sandwich shop. 

With root beer floats in hand we enjoyed our meal and then headed towards Lake Scott State Park.  With the sunny cloudless weather, there wasn’t much storm chasing going on so we took the day to enjoy nature and look back in time at some ancient Indian pueblos at the park.  We saw ruins of the El Quartelejo, the northernmost Indian pueblo in the U.S, the battle ground where the last stand between the Indians and white man occurred, and a spring fed lake(glorified pond).  After some hiking, swimming, and exploring, it was back on the road!
 We took one more stop along the way to get a view of some clouds and a potential storm.  While the storm didn't end up producing a tornado, it was still exciting to see some development even on our down day!

 We headed towards North Platte Nebraska where we expected there to be good conditions for storms the following day.

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