Sunday, May 10, 2015


USNA SWIFT had another fun filled day chasing storms and learning about weather and science!! Although the day started out slow-with plenty of van bonding time-we finally hit our target destination of Scott City around 1830.  With our first out-of-van discussion we were worried our best chance of a storm had dissipated, and we would be going home without a thorough chase.  Fortunately, thanks to the enthusiasm of our team and Dr. B’s determination to find us a decent storm, we pushed North with our fingers crossed.  Just about an hour away was a BEAUTIFUL wall cloud, the first we've seen so far.  The cloud showed great potential and so we followed it until, near Gove City, KS, WE SAW OUR FIRST FUNNEL CLOUD.  It was a remarkable sight, and completely worth the achy knees and sore necks.  One tornado was #notenough though, and our “little storm that could” gave us another TWO tornadoes!!! We had a fantastic crew, everyone was able to work together and contribute to this tornado success. 

We are now headed to Ooooklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain! We hope to get in a spot to watch another storm develop from its beginning stages, to possibly a twister forming beauty.  Wish us luck!!

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