Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday in Review

Thursday began as an excitable day with a high risk issued by the SPC and a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch issued early in the afternoon. The SWIFT team headed towards Medicine Lodge, KS before following a storm and heading north. We were able to observe several mesocyclones in a single area that stretched across our field of vision that dropped a small, brief tornado, but we were quickly forced to relocate. We were able to see the eerie green sky that is often associated with severe weather. At one point, we had a brief moment where tight rotation occurred close to us while we were driving from a dying supercell. After moving to a safe distance, we were able to observe a rapidly rotating storm that threatened to drop a tornado, but the rotation dissapated quickly afterwards. Overall, the team was able to learn from the uncertainty the day's environmental conditions had presented. After another steak dinner in Pratt. KS, we're headed to Oklahoma again for another promising setup tomorrow!

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