Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday in Review

Today we started off in Guthrie, OK. There was an enhanced risk of convective activity with 5% chance of tornados in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma. We decided to head to Lawton, OK and check out some interesting gas stations with malfunctioning pumps and sketchy restrooms. We waited in Lawton for lunch at Silver Spoon Cafe to wait for the storms in Texas to initiate. We saw some cells starting to form south of Wichita Falls, TX on radar. We drove through the precipitation in one of the storms, but decided to pursue another near Windthorst, TX. We got some great views of the cell above us in the fields, but no tornados formed. We decided to go after one last storm near Megargel, TX, (pronounced Megagorgle). Unfortunately, this storm weakened after our quick chase. We headed back to Wichita Falls, TX to get dinner at Fuzzy Taco and stay at our hotel. We did a late night Walmart run for snacks. Saturday looks to be a down day for weather, so we are looking forward to going on a nice hike at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

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