Thursday, May 25, 2017

Closing Thoughts by Major

SWIFT was a training that I had wanted to do before I came to the Academy. I was so excited when I saw the email saying I was accepted. I went into the training open-minded and hoping for the best. I knew that tornados were extremely rare, so I was setting myself up to not be disappointed. When we saw 3 tornadoes the second chase day, I was so excited! It was an incredible experience to see the power of a tornado so close! We learned about the atmosphere in a deeper way than we ever had before. It stretched my intellectual curiosity to think about why the processes that control atmospheric dynamics occur. I look forward to learning more about meteorology and focusing on it in the oceanography major more. Spending time with all the other mids was great too. We made some great friendships and learned a lot from each other. The two weeks traveling the country were great and will be lifelong memories for me!

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