Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brian McGrath

Hey everybody!
I’m Brian McGrath, and I am from Colorado Springs, CO.  Being from Colorado Springs, my hobbies are pretty much anything outdoors: climbing, slacklining, camping, cliff jumping, and pretty much everything awesome that Colorado has to offer.  Last year I tried out for the Naval Academy’s Sprint Football team and didn't make it (probably because I’m too good), so I decided to stick around the team and be a manager.  I chose Oceanography as my major because I am really interested in the weather, and because people told me that I could chase tornadoes with that as my major.  Since my hometown is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, I have never really had the opportunity to see a tornado before.  At first it was just a cool idea to be chasing tornadoes, but now we are only 5 days away from it actually happening! Only four final exams now stand between me and the giant game of hide and seek game between SWIFT and Mother Nature, and I couldn't be more excited for it!

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