Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to Kansas!

After yesterday’s full day of chasing storms outside of Decatur, Texas (and seeing our very first tornado!) we ended up driving back to Norman, Oklahoma to put us in a better position for chasing today. We began the day early with “wheels-up” at 7:00 am, just six hours after we had arrived.

We spent most of the day driving, monitoring the weather in Kansas and Nebraska, and working out logistics plans for food, gas, and lodging. We arrived in Dodge City, Kansas around 1:00 pm and ate at Central Station, a bar and grill recommended by the locals.

When we finished lunch, we headed to Colby, Kansas where we officially initiated storm mode, pulled out our hail helmets, and got our cameras ready.

The weather and logistics team located a storm 6 miles north of Page City, Kansas. With the spectacular visibility that only the Great Plains can provide, we were able to see precipitation, a large shelf cloud, a few gustnados, cloud rotation, and lightning.
Photo: Storm chasing in Kansas!

Though we weren’t sure we would actually witness a storm today, given the low CAPE and moderate shear, we remained semper optimistic and ended up chasing a storm and doing a little core-punching. Another success for team SWIFT

Now we are headed to North Platte, Nebraska to put us in good storm chasing position for tomorrow. Goodbye Kansas, hello Nebraska. 

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  1. Cornhusker country,,,rest up as it looks like action is coming your way. Be prepared to help others as it may be intense. Global force for good!