Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello everyone!

I’m Jackie Chimiak. I am from a small town in western NC called Morganton. I have lived in Camp Lejeune, NC and Pensacola as well because my Dad was a Navy Diver and Navy Doc. When I graduated Freedom High School in 2010 I decided to attend the Naval Academy where I would major in Oceanography. At the Academy I participate in the Marathon Team and have ran the Boston Marathon twice with a personal best of 3 hours and 20 minutes. Last summer I was given the opportunity to participate in the RIMPAC internship at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. We collected buoy data from Hawaii to track Sea Surface Height during the RIMPAC evolution.

I have always been interested in weather so being able to participate in USNA’s SWIFT program is an honor. Since I was able to walk, I always enjoyed being outside, and with being outside I was able to observe weather at an early age.  I viewed daily sun showers that were a blessing in disguise on a hot and humid summer day.  I witnessed a bright and cloud-free day, shortly turn into one with ominous black clouds that spit out lightning and cracks of thunder within a matter of minutes.  I was involved in about ten hurricanes where I would run outside during the eye of the storm despite angry parents dragging me back inside.  And I also had the luxury of viewing the phenomenon of water spouts off the coast in the Florida Keys. Weather has always been around me and I have always managed to be an excited, prime witness of its remarkable power.

We are departing in 8 days and I could not be more excited. Hope you guys will follow our trip and enjoy the daily posts!


  1. Hi,I'm Katie Sullivan.My dad, Michael Sullivan,who also is a Navy diver, works at the Naval Academy, so you might have met him once or twice.(He teaches physics.) I am on a F.I.R.S.T Lego League team called H.E.R.O.E.S. This is our rookie year and my mom is coaching our team. We compete against other teams using Lego Mindstorms, and the challenge this year is about Natures Fury or extreme weather. So we are learning all about extreme weather. I am following your adventures on my Mom's Facebook page. Maybe when you guys get back in town we can meet the team and you can tell us all about your cool adventure. Have fun and stay safe,

  2. Thanks for following our blog and facebook page! We get back Friday May 24th. The team will have other summer obligations after that during the summer but we would love to meet and talk with you. It may not be with the entire team because conflicting schedules but a couple of us, definitely myself wouldn't mind meeting up.
    I have heard of your father as well. I didn't have him as a teacher but several of my classmates did. Thanks again for following us, and good luck with your team!